Brand Funnel

Hi Dears,
Could you please help me for building this form in Kobo.
Please see detail in “Sheet1”.
Brand Funnel.xlsx (15.2 KB)

@hoseinnematolahi, so when looking at your XLSForm I understood the following.

  • Q1. Choose the first choice [do not read the responses]. (single response)
  • Q2. Choose the second choice [do not read the responses]. (single response)
  • Q3. Choose the third choice [do not read the responses]. (single response)
  • Q4. Choose all the remaining choices [read all the responses]. (multiple responses)
  • Q5. Display all the choices (automatically) that have been selected from Q1 to Q4

Correct me if I misunderstood your issue.

Dear Kal_Lam,
thank for your prompt reply.

If it is possible for you, please guide me regarding the following:

1- Based on this excel file "Brand Funnel_V01.xlsx (14.9 KB)
", in “Q3”: all of brand selected in (Q1, Q2-1, Q2-2, Q2-3) should be selected in Q3 an disable them. plese be sure that unselected brands in the mentioned questions can still be selected.
2- in “Q4”: Just Show all the brands marked in (Q1, Q2-1, Q2-2, Q2-3-Q3) be in Q4 as well.
also ‘Other’ should be shown if it was marked in (Q1,Q2). If ‘Other’ was not marked in (Q1,Q2), it cannot be answered in Q4.


Sorry, did not understand this point.

Could you also correct me for my earlier reply?

Thank you once more for your help in this matter.
In the data output, we need all the answers selected in the (Q1, Q2-1, Q2-2, Q2-3) in Q3. So, our solution is that they are automatically selected at Q3, But without the option to remove the selection. ( disable)… I have already seen this feature on other platforms.
Also we will use the answers to Q3 in the next questions. (Logic and Piping).

could you please help me about this matter?