Broken download responses

Hello team,

I’m currently experiencing a challenge with downloaded submission responses from my survey form. I have been actively using Kobo Toolbox for a while now and haven’t experienced this type of error before, It started yesterday when i downloaded data in Excel format for an on-going survey exercise…

I noticed some columns data were missing. It was this way last week. Please, I need an urgent solution to this as the report is time-

see screenshots

thank you,

Welcome to the community, @osunecg! Could you confirm to see if the data is missing only in the XLS format or in the XLS (legacy) format too?

Thank you for the response, it did download all the data using the XLS (legacy) format…

However, the links to the pictures (URL-link) aren’t there anymore, except for (jpg) files.

see the picture below.

Hello Team,

I have been experiencing this issue since I was advised here to download and export the survey report via Excel in the XLS legacy format.

Picture URLs are not clickable after downloading in legacy format. Instead, they show as (jpg) texts.
Please find attached a picture of what I have been experiencing.
Please help look into this as soon as possible, as the enumeration is ongoing and the data is sensitive.
when i also tried downloading using the normal XLS format, the picture urls in excel are broken.![WhatsApp Image 2023-10-05 at 9.47.21 AM|690x229](upload://1RiW5DaE0KC2z1Skj1C2IThBEX5.jpeg)

the above image is showing what the download looks like.
instead of the normal url clickable link for images , it is showing as jpg


The data is only missing in the XLS format but in legacy format it is showing as (jpg) files.
The urls aren’t clickable and cannot be accessed or uploaded to any other platform.

Please help, as this is time-sensitive and urgent.


@osunecg, are you still having issues downloading your data in XLS format?

yes i am please.
it is slow to export and some details cant be found

yes i still have issues with the download

please help attend to my requests.
the data uploaded are quite sensitive