Broken table

Hello everyone

Could someone please help me to understand why the table that I created from the matrix appears in this way, other tables appear well but this is all destroyed. How to solve this


Welcome to the community @albertofrancisco! I think the issue is somewhere related in your xlsform on how you display your appearance. Maybe you could also have a look at some of our examples on how this can be controlled better:

And here …

If you are still not able to fix the issue kindly please feel free to share your xlsform with the community. The community would love to help you solve your issue.

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@Kal_Lam Hi

I don’t understand, why are the other matrices doing well, why are some doing well and others not?

Thank you for you help

Please look this picture! the matrix is good.


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It seems that your problem is now solved!

Hello @Kal_Lam
My problem is not solved, I have several matrix in my form, some like the image 2 I sent are good, but others like the image 1 and this one are destroyed, I need help to solve this, I want all the matrix equal to image 2.

Thank you

Have you gone through the post that i shared previously? If yes, and if you are still having issues please feel free to share the xlsform (with only the table that is distorted). The community could love to help you solve your issue.

@Kal_Lam Thank you so much

But new user can not upload the


Refresh your page and you should be able to upload your xlsform. But please note that you share only the selected table that has an issue and also please share with the community the sample of how it should look like (as the community would not know how it should look like).

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