Splitting a field (styling prompts)


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We are trying to Create a form in Kobotool box. we are facing a issue with one scenario. i.e.," Splitting one column into 3 rows" as shown in below screenshot.


Hi @keerthi,

Could you also try to briefly describe why you wish to split a column into 3 rows in KoBoToolbox?

Or, is it that you wish to work on a survey question with a matrix question type? If you are looking for a matrix question type, please see the support article which would guide you on how to use the same.


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Thanks for the response.

Below image is the example which we required. Could please help us.

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Could you please get a chance to review it and advice us regarding this issue.

Hi @keerthi,

You could tryout the following approach to create a form as requested in the above post.

xlsform (survey tab):

xlsform (choices tab):

xlsform (settings tab):

Upload the jpg files as shown here:

The result you see in Enketo (Web Form):

Please note that this approach only works with Enketo (and is not supported in KoBoCollect).

Sample xlsform:
Styling Prompts.xlsx (14.6 KB)