Bug count in Dynamic Data


For the example in Dynamic Data Attachment, in Round_2,


will show the expected count in Enketo, but 0 in Kobo Collect.

Test with 4 entries in Round 1.

Steps to Reproduce

Use the Round 1 and Round 2 forms in the example, create some entries using Round 1, and then open Round 2 in Enketo and in Kobo Collect.

Expected behavior

Should show the same count in both Enketo and Collect

Actual behavior

Data table from Round2: The highlighted entries were made with Kobo Collect and show 0.

The entry with Enketo show the correct count in the note (4)

The entry with Collect shows 0.

@nmambre, did you try this with the sample XLSForm attached in the support article? Kindly please let us know so that we could also test it at our end.

@Kal_Lam yes, I did the tests with the original Round_1 and Round_2 XLSForms of the support article.