Bug in formatting with markdown / span tags


When formatting the first word or line in a label cell with markdown or inline HTML (e.g. bold with asterisks or color with span tag), all the following text in that cell will be displayed according the applied formatting, despite this following text should be displayed without special formatting. Additionally, when the following text is in the same line with the formatted text, in Enketo a line break is introduced.

By now I only could work around that by adding an empty line between the formatted text and the following text that should be displayed as plain text.

Steps to Reproduce

See attached
XLSform (10.2 KB)
or view this form in Enketo. I would like to find out if anyone else will see the same formatting errors when opening the form in Enketo.

Expected behavior

Text that follows the formatted section should not “inherit” the previously applied formatting and should be displayed in the same line.

Actual behavior

When starting a line with a formatted section, the following text, that should be displayed as plain text, inherits the formatting and a linebreak is introduced between the formatted and unformatted sections.

Additional details

We run an own Kobo server and the described behavior appeared after the upgrade to 2.022.24. I counterchecked on kf.kobotoolbox.org and got the same result.

So very first: Is anyone able to reproduce this or can observe the same behavior when opening the Enketo link above? @Kal_Lam gave a brief feedback when I brought this up first in another thread. In his screenshot, everything seems fine. I’m running out of ideas how to approach this.

Hi @DSimon;

This is what I see, when I opened the Enketo link:


Thanks! That’s (unfortunately) exactly what I see. So I’m at least not the only one…

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@DSimon, so is this the issue we are discussing in this post?


@Kal_Lam, I’m referring to both, the markdown examples as well as the span tag examples. Both do not behave as expected. As you can see @hakan_cetinkaya is seeing the same as I see in Enketo.

For completeness: Are the markdown examples still displayed correctly on your side, as in the other thread, when I brought this up first?

Update: It seems it was an Enketo issue. With the recent deployment of Enketo 4.1.1. on kf.kobotoolbox.org all formatting is displayed correctly again.

@Kal_Lam; can be closed

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