Bug in table view that wasn't there before

This bug suddenly shows up and it wasn’t there before. My installation is from commit 5343e60. Is there an easy fix, or do I have to a complete update process with a later version?


What happens when you refresh your page? Is this an issue only with this particular survey project or is it an issue with other projects too?

Thanks @Kal_Lam for the prompt response.
I noticed that the bug is also present in the kobotoolbox site (all projects). So maybe you can move the thread to an appropriate location.

And after further testing I realized that it is there when using Google Chrome but not with Edge. On Chrome it is not solved on refreshing, restarting, clearing cache, etc. It might have been caused by a new update to Chrome.

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@ks_1, I assume it’s an issue with the Chrome browser rather than a system issue. Thank you however for bringing this to the community.