Bug when changing form, doesn't save and goes back to previous version


I have been having a very annoying bug with my form. I edit the form and saved it, It seems to work and I could even deploy it. But when I go back to it a few minutes later, it does back to being the old form and all questions I created are deleted. I don’t understand what is happening. The only other things I did afterward is dowloading the data selected give me the data from the previous version (don’t know if it could have an impact) and a colleague translated the form in khmer.

Can you please explain what happening ? As this isse has proven very time-consuming for us. Thanks, Emeline

@Emeline_92, would you mind downloading your form as XLSForm and then checking out manually the place where you edited it (to see if the changes are there)?

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Even before downloading the XLSForm, better make sure that this last version was deployed. You may just redeploy without changes before this download.

Hi, after checking the XLS form, the changes I made for the question were not taken into account. Here is the form.
2023-11-22_Form_XLS.xlsx (15.3 KB)

The issue is with the Trapeang ID questions, where I change the choices, save it, deploy it (all is working) and then after several minutes it goes back to the previous option where I didn’t enter anything. Here is the screenshot of the choices I deployed on the phone and then it disappeared.

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