Builder for calculations in the KOBO form builder

Hey there :slight_smile:

We were thinking about an interesting feature: have the possibility to create some simple calculations for your form directly in the Builder without having to use the XLS syntax, a bit like is the case for constraints and skip patterns today. You could at least have sums, subtractions, multiplications, divisions (or more if possible, such as text calculations)… Example: instead of writing “${a}+${b}, you would be able to either write directly in XLSForm or “Add a calculation”, which would open a box where you could select all the previous variables in your form in a dropdown and then add the operator from a dropdown list (+, -, *, /…) and then select a second variable from the list etc.

I am working with KOBO Humanitarian response

It would make things easier for someone not at easy with XLSForm syntax for simple calculations.

Thanks to take this into account

This would be super cool feature…most persons do not know/dont dare to make them as they have to work with ${}…and other scary coding.:slight_smile: