Building airbyte connector for kobotoolbox. Need documentation

Hi team,

I work at where we help NGOs (non governmental organizations) to build & maintain their datapipelines. For the ingestion step we use airbyte software, that helps move data from multiple sources to a destination. Since many of the NGOs use Kobotoolbox as their primary data collection, we have built an airbyte connector that can pull the data from kobotoolbox form(s).

You can find the airbyte connector github PR here. However this was rejected since there isn’t any api documentation to help the maintainers test the new connector. All I could find was this Using the API — KoboToolbox documentation . Do we have anything else ? Can someone please help us with a proper api documentation for kobotoolbox ?

Welcome to the community, @Ishank24! Login to your KoboToolbox account and then use the following URL …


The URL should take you to the API Root.

Is this the entire API documentation @Kal_Lam . What about the error codes and error responses ? Also, it doesn;t give information about the query parameters like start, limit, sort etc.
Can you please provide a more detailed and comprehensive api documentation ?