Building question challenges

please i have 2 challenges which are;

  • I will like to generate a 6 digital code with kobotoolbox automatically when i start collection in the field for identification of houses…please could i get some help from you?

thanks for your understanding

Welcome to the community, @pavlov! Why would you wish to generate a unique code when KoboToolbox should generate a _uuid for you for each submission (i.e., each record stored in its server).

i want the data collectors to use that number so they can write it somewhere in the household so we could identify the house when next we come…
if kobo can generate a _uuid then how can i make the data collector see that before submission of question.

please if you have a methode to generate this 6 digits automatically will be pleased to know that equally


@pavlov, should this approach that has been discussed previously work for you?