Bulk edit of submissions fails with error response code 500


I can’t edit submissions in bulk anymore. It first succeeded like 4 days ago, i successfully edited bulks of 3 to 10 submissions.
But after 2 to 3 successful edits, it now fails no matter how many submissions i’m trying to edit in a batch. After clicking the “submit” button, it fails and in server response it shows an error 500 code.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Select one or more submissions by checking their checkboxs in Data-> table view.
  2. Edit an answer and save the change
  3. Click the submit button to save the change for the selected submissions.

Expected behavior

The changes should be applied with a success response message.

Actual behavior

I get an alert response message saying “Echeque de la mise à jour des soumissions” (in french): Bulk update of submissions failed.

Additional details

Browser: Chrome Version 119.0.6045.199 (Build officiel) (x86_64)
OS: Mac OS Ventura 13.4.1.

In my browsers developer tools, i can see the bulk update request, returns some html code with “Server error 500” in it and a response code of 500.

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@youssouf, could you also let us know the question type (for which you are trying to bulk edit) and the total number of redeployments you made to your project? These details should help us replicate your issue.


Thank you for responding.

We made like 16 redepolyments in total.
Question types tested: select_one and text.

Nb: at first bulk édits used to work a week ago, well after the total 16 redepolyments.

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Hello M Kal Lam, unfortunately bulk edit still doesn’t work for me.
FYI: i’m using the non humanitarian server: kf.kobotoolbox.org.

I tried looking in kobo api for an endpoint i could use in a script to do multiple edits with a loop but it shows that’s not possible:
In the response to a request to: /api/v2/assets/{project-uid}/data/{submission id}, i can read in the docs:

Update current submission
It is not possible to update a submission directly with kpi’s API as this is handled by kobocat’s /submission endpoint. Instead, it returns the URL where the instance can be opened in Enketo for editing in the UI.

Last week i tried making a bulk edit using the api endpoint /api/v2/assets/{uid}/data/bulk/ , but it failed with 403 errors like i’m missing csrf token.

I have to edit 300 to 600 submissions and i don’t have much time left. Is there something i’m missing in order to do bulk edits using the api or is there another api route where i can do edits direcly or a solution to bulk edits using the UI ?

Thank you.

Hello, i’m doing some research, i created a new project and tested bulk edit feature in the UI and it worked fine.

I think the problem with my real project is that there is some form logic linked with the field i’m trying to bulk edit (let"s call it field 1). There’s some secondary fields which become relevant if some values are set on field 1.

But even if i edit the field 1 and the related secondary fields so the form becomes valid, i still get error 500, bulk edit doesn’t work.