Bulk record validation not working as expected


I’m having issues bulk-validating records of survey results. In the “Data” tab of my survey, I would like to set the validation status to “Approved” for multiple records at once. When I filter for the critieria to find survey results to approve, press “select all”, and then “Change status” > “Set status: Approved”, the status of the surveys does not change. However, by selecting each survey induvidually, and then selecting “Change status” > “Set status: Approved”, survey validation statuses change.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Under a project, go to “Data” > “Table”.
  2. Select all results by selecitng the checkbox in the upper left corner of the table.
  3. Select “Change status” > “Set status: Approved” at the top of the table.

Expected behavior

Expect the validation status of all of the surveys selected to change to Approved.

Actual behavior

No change in validation status (remains “-”).

Additional details

Selecting induvidual survey results and bulk-changing statuses works fine, this is only an issue when using the “select all” checkbox in the upper left corner.

This bug won’t occur until after I’ve used the bulk-set validation status feature a couple times after logging in.

Welcome @julia,
I tested it, and the problem seems related to a filtering before. Without filter it seems to work well. Would you mind to try this again, please? (So, filtering might be an additional step after step 1. to reproduce).

@Kal_lam, seems a bug, related to the select “all” (button) together with filtering. If you select the (all) filtered cases manually, this button gets activated, but the change works well.

Furthermore, there are two options, linked with the button (flesh), which do the same, i.e. only work on the filtered cases. Is this ok? Is there a documentation available, please?
image. 2 out of a total of 4 submissions are filtered here.

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Hi @wroos, thank you for the quick response! Yes, I’ve experienced this bug after I filter for results. I’ve also seen this error by selecing the checkbox, or selecting either of the two options (“Select all results” or “Select visible results”).

@julia, could you also kindly please let us know the server that is having this issue?

@Kal_Lam thank you for looking into this! Could you please tell me how to identify the server?