Bulk Upload Help

Hello! I am a new user wondering how to do a bulk upload to an existing form on KoBo. I understand that some things have changed with a recent update to the API and am wondering if someone could give me a quick rundown on how to upload a CSV to an existing form. Do I need to convert to XML, zip it, and upload? Is there a convenient way using Curl? The materials I have found online so far have given conflicting answers. Thanks!

Welcome to the community, @lwsmith! Maybe this support article should help you solve your issue:

I’m sorry, but I do not see how this article relates to my question. I am hoping to find out how to upload many entries/answers to a form simultaneously, not how to upload media to the questions in a form. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

@lwsmith, could you share a sample of how you previously did, which is not working now? Maybe that should give us an understanding of where to support you with the issue.