Calculate decimal value with select_one only on submit creation


In my form, i want to propose a list of target depth (users build a hole), and allow to specify the true achieved depth.
By default, I want to set the achieved depth with the value of selected target depth. With calculation column, it’s ok.
But :

  • If I select a target detph (i.e. 2 m)
  • My Achieved depth is set to ‘2’
  • I edit the achieved depth to ‘2.3’
  • I submit.
  • In data, the achieved depth is 2.3 ; OK
  • If I edit the submission, the achieved depth is ‘2’

There is a way for non change the achieved depth on edit mode (i.e. not use the calculation) ?


xlsform_example.xlsx (22.2 KB)

Hi @jdugh, sorry I deleted my previous incorrect response. If you move your dynamic value from the calculation column to the default column it should fix this :+1:


type name label default
select_one depth TARGET_DEPTH_NUMBER_AVAILABLE Select the target detph

Since KoBo uses your latest deployed form for editing submissions in Enketo, this will also allow you to make changes to submissions before this amendment.

Hi @Josh , thank’s for your reponse.
Unfortunately, this solution does not seem to work.
If I move to default column, when I select a value from the list, my decimal field TRUE_DEPTH_ACHIEVED does not update.
My new test :
select_calculate.xlsx (22.2 KB)
And link to the test on Kobo : Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox

Hello @Josh,
Could you, please, also explain how the calculation is technically working here.

  • Is it fired on re-open (edit)?
  • Or/and on save?
  • But why not on submit?
  • On validate?
  • On leaving the entry field?
    Kind regards

@wroos, you can refer here for more details on calculation evaluation: Form Logic — ODK Docs

Hi @jdugh, sorry about that — I was testing the edit and forgot to ensure the form still operated correctly. Please try something like this using the trigger column. It seems to do the trick:


type name label calculation trigger
select_one nums num A number
text updated_num Update number ${num} ${num}


list_name name label
nums 1 1
nums 2 2
nums 3 3
nums 4 4
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Yeah ! This is it !
The last trick who would be great : there is a way to keep the last ${updated_num} submit value ? Even if I change the ${num} value in edit mode ?
I try with adding a calculate question with the calculation : once(${updated_num}). Without success.
Thank you @Josh !

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