Calculate mean score from a Likert scale question

Dear All, can we calculate the average score from single choice in a likert scale?

Welcome to the community, @ngolahdata21! Could you kindly show us a sample of how the question looks like and how your data is structured?

Hi Kal, nice to see you!

For example;

  1. Q1 Satisfied score for Q1; Q2 satisfied score for Q2; etc.
  2. A1. Show average/mean score (from Q1, Q2, etc) to control the consistency

Please noted that Q1,Q2, etc is a single answer type (not integer) . Is it possible in Kobo?

Thank you in advance

Yes, this can be done. We have a workaround for this that has been discussed previously.

Hi Kal,

Thank you for your feedback. Really appreciate.
But, I think it does’nt fit ith my problem. I need to show the average/mean score (not sum/total) after the respondents answer all questions.
I want to share my XLS template for your undertanding.but i don’t know to attach the file.

Thank you.

You should now be able to share your xlsform. BTW, you could follow a workaround that calculates the average …

Hi Kal,

Thanks for sharing the file. I think your file is about to find an average from integer not single answer.
Please find attached, hope it help you to understand this problem.
Thank you in advance.

Pesut 2 - Kobo.xlsx (16.9 KB)

Do you wish to see the average of A1_1 to C11_1?

Hi Kal,

Sure. Is it possible?

try this (and its 26 'cause you appear to have 26 questions):

average: (${A1_1} + ${A2_1} + ... + ${C11_1}) / 26

Note, you’ll probably see “NaN” until you answer all the questions, but since they are all required this should be OK.

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Hi @Xiphwarem,

Thanks fo your support, it works as expected.
Thank you.

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