Calculate quarters from a date

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New user on KOBO and xls form. Would like to know if there is a way to calculate quarters directly from a date with a calculation formula (example: if months {date} in (01,02,03,04) then quarter=1)?

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Welcome to the community, @cindyb! Do you mean you wish to see the output in quarter when two dates are entered?

Yes! More precisely I would like to see the output in quarter (from 1 to 4) between the date of the begining of the project and let’s say the 1st day of the year the project will start (01/01/year)

So it should be something as follows:

  • Q1. Start date
  • Q2. End date
  • Q3. Note (output) which should show you if the interval between the start date and end date is Q1 or Q2 or Q3 or Q4.

Thanks for your answer. But in this case how could I have an interval in quarters and not in nber of days?

Hi @cindyb
You can do this by working with calculating functions to display the information. I have worked out a simple form that would do this for you

QuarterFromDates.xlsx (10.3 KB)



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Hello Stephane!

Thank you so much! It perfectly works! Good to see it looks like a SAS synthax:-)