Calculate questions across different repeat groups

I’m trying to design a 360 evaluation tool to allow all project team members to evaluate each other. I’m using a repeat group to allow each member to evaluate only as many members he want to evaluate.
The form consists of a set of statements which the respondent can evaluate as (I don’t know, insufficient, good, distinguished).
The challenge is that all members will get “distinguished” on all aspects if they were allowed to give that grade to everyone. So, I would like to allow each member to use the “distinguished” grade a limited number of times regardless of how many repeat groups he adds (i.e. regardless of how many colleagues he will evaluate only one colleague should get this grade).

Any ideas how to achieve this?

I’m thinking of creating a calculation that counts how many times this grade is selected in each repeat group and show a note when this number exceeds a defined limit. Can this be done?

Yes. You can for ex. create a calculate variable inside the repeat which counts if(selected(…, " disinguished_name", 1, 0) and then after the repeat a calculate sum(…) for this count.

You can find examples with the search function of this forum, e.g. Search results for 'calculate female sum repeat' - KoboToolbox Community Forum. Or even more here Search results for 'calculate sum repeat' - KoboToolbox Community Forum


thanks, the links seem pretty useful. I’ll try a few things and get back to you.