Calculating total sum value within a repeat group

Hi Kal_Lam
I am trying to calculate the sum of the number of households mapped with a specific number of people for each family size
That is the number of respondents who come from a family of 5, 10 to obtain the total number of persons mapped
I had tried this but I keep getting an error when I try and deploy the form
How can I go about this

Welcome back to the community, @baunjeri! We have some workarounds (on how to calculate a sum from within a repeat group) which should be helpful for you:

Another one:

And this one:

Here too:

And this one too:

Last but not the least:

Please help, I can see the difference between your example and my example
My repeat groups calculate ItemCost for Number of Unit X Unit Costs for repeat items I add.RepeatGroupQuery.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Then outside my RepeateGroup I want total the ItemCost using sum(ItemCost)