Calculation choices

I want to know if it’s possible to add a column of values in the “choices” sheet within the question matrix form, in order to generate calculations based on the combinations of answers by column and row from the options

Welcome to the community, @vive_giebunam! Could you kindly share with the community a sample of what you are trying to explain? Maybe the community could help you out if you elaborate on your issue with some dummy questions and images supporting the same.

Yes of course thank you very much.
I need to create matrix of questions in which for each row, two options can be answered (that’s why the rating option doesn’t work for me). And in this matrix of questions, I need each of the options to have a value to get rating props in each of the rows. For example, I need to evaluate the operation of a device as GOOD, FAIR AND BAD. And that the GOOD value is worth 1, the REGULAR value is worth 2 and the BAD value is worth 3. To later assign values ​​to each row by adding the two selected options. In the image you can see that the user’s vision and the developer’s vision are evaluated, both visions must be added and averaged to obtain a value per row.

I ask to chatgpt and thats what it resolve to add in the survey sheet but im not clear of how added:

  • type: select_one
    name: question1_row
    label: “Select from Row”
    appearance: “horizontal”
- type: select_one
  name: question2_column
  label: "Select from Column"
  appearance: "horizontal"
- list_name: rows
  - list_name: columns
- list_name: rows
- type: calculate
  name: result
  calculation: |
    if(${question1_row} = 'Option1' and ${question2_column} = 'OptionA', 10,
    if(${question1_row} = 'Option2' and ${question2_column} = 'OptionB', 20, 0))