Calculation Conditions

Hi Team,


We are trying to achieve the below calculation condition.

Created three Fields,
i) RV Pressure is a Number either be a integer or decimal.
ii) CSP is also Number either be a integer or decimal.
iii) Test Result, based on the below conditions the result should be displayed( pass, fail, stuck)

  1. PASS : Below 10%
  2. FAIL : Above 10% to Below 100%
  3. STUCK : Above 150% OF CSP

Calculation condition for CSP percentage:
${CSP}*10 div 100
Final Calculation:
if(${RV_pressure}<(${PER_CSP} and ${RV_pressure}>(0-${PER_CSP}),‘Pass’,if(${RV_pressure}>((${CSP}*150) div 100),“Struck”,“Fail”))

Please find the below screenshot

We are able to achieve the result but when we are trying to view the form in Android device the condition is not working as expected.

If we submit the response for the first time the Result is working fine but when we are trying to do save as draft and edit the form response the result is not working as expected.

Could you please help on this issue. Thanks!

@msupriya, as a quick check, would you mind making a simple calculation and trying them to see if you can edit them?

Hi Kallam,

Yes, we have tried that able to edit the result. Thanks!

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Hi Team,

Still we are facing same issue, could you please help on this ASAP.

And if we try for simple calculation its working fine. Why not for complexity calculation?


@msupriya, the best way to see if the calculations are working is to display them in a note question type. Try starting with simple and short calculations, and then you could eventually make them complex (by adding to the existing calculations), moving on if the calculations are OK as intended.