Calculation did not work for some submission


I created a form to collect some information, after data collection was completed i realized that some of the calculated questions did not work. 993/2114 forms’ calculations did not work, the rest of them worked well, So I didn’t find any pattern in the problem. When I click the view button, i see that fields are not calculated, but when I click edit, the calculation starts working, I validate the form there is no problem. I am not sure what is the problem, Is there any known reason for it? The question uses the dynamic repeat based on the total HH member, I checked the version of the form, all forms are using the same version of the form

@osmanburcu, the calculate question type only works when you load the form.

Hi @Kal_Lam ,

Here is another one, it works while I review the form by clicking the review button. But if you check the first picture, it doesn’t show any calculation result even though options are chosen. Even the result is not calculated in the downloaded excel version

Could you share the related part of your form here, please, incl. the calculation and the relevant choices? If there are elements in the calculation which might be empty (not required = false), you would need to add coalesce(…), see Form Logic - ODK Docs.

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Hi @wroos,

You can find it here only the related part of the form.

aA5be7n7ttWcZdKvGFWGji (1).xlsx (31.5 KB)

Would you mind to check your form with the Online validator first, please, and correct the issues
All textual elements, like labels, hints, messages need to have a ::language column for each language. There should not be a “default”, which is created if there is any such column unspecified.

The problem with the final calculation seems to be that you are using two variables, but only one of them is “active” through the two exclusive age relevant filter.

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@wroos sorry for my late response, i thought the problem was something that happened randomly but after i checked my other forms, i started seeing this problem in my other forms. I am not sure what is causing it

aA5be7n7ttWcZdKvGFWGji (1).xlsx (31.5 KB)