Calculation & export in XLS

Dear colleagues

I am using KObotoolbox in a project to collect water consumption data.
To calculate volume of water sold during a day I use the question “calculation” . The calculation is index from end of the day minus index from beginning of the day.
The answer is fine.
The only problem I have is when I do exporting of these data. Instead of having the data in “number” format, I have them in “text” format.

This is very strange.

I am french and use MS XLS in french.

May be you could help me to solve this problem.

Quelle est votre configuration pour le téléchargement?

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@sadok, you will need to uncheck Store date and number responses as text if it has been checked.

That should solve your issue.

Dear SIr

Thanks for your quick answer. Unfortunately It does not work.
The box was alreay unchecked.
I do not know if this a problem of translating XLS in french as I have data responses from a calculation cell, with dot as number : e.g : 17.2533333 instead of having the number 17,2533333.
In the XLS french version, the dot is replaced by the coma. all data with a dot is recognised as a text too. However, even for the first answer to calculation, with a integer, this appear as a text and not as number.

Do you have please another proposition.


ma configuration est la suivante :

J’exporte avec XLS,

Could you also share here the related part of your form, please?

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