Calculation of the sum of matrix rows

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I created a form that ask the responder to enter the number of organizations that participated in an event. Once the responder enters the names of these organizations, they appear in the matrix so we can proceed to enter the number of participants for each catgory of persons.

The calculation goes well until we press the validate button. Then, the calculation doesn’t seem to work. As we can see, the results of these calculations becomes Nan. Where does it come from ?

@lastpierre, you could do this as outlined in the post discussed previously:

And this one too …

@Kal_Lam Thank you. The coalesce function is indeed very effective to calculate the sum of different elements when some of them don’t have assigned values, which was my case.

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@Kal_Lam i just realised my form wasn’t valid since my calculations use the if function with an inaproppriate logic. Is there a workaround to make sure the integers related to an organisation reset to 0 whenever i removed this organisation ?

I found a way to work it around, which was to recalculate every element of the matrix using a if function in a calculation to make sure that when the respondent remove an organization, the values reset to 0.

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Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community, @lastpierre! :clap: :heart:

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The entire xls form.

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