Calculations in different repeated groups

Am creating a tool where i have used a couple of repeated groups. In one repeated group i want to collect information on household farming plots where am going to exract the plot names and land sizes and use them in the second group, second different repeated with that extracted information is now asking the crop varieties planted in those plots in group 1 (details include the number of varieties per plot, names of varieties,area the variety was planted, the quantity of seed used, amount harvested in different units etc). In the third group i now want to extract the area harvested per variety per plot. If you can assist with the formulas which i can use in the group and which are compatible with ODK mobile app i will be grateful.

I have three different repeated groups where in repeated group 1 i have written farming plot details just the plot names, crops planted and size of plot, in group 2 i have collected details about crop varieties and amounts harvested per plot for the crops mentioned in group 1. In group three i then used indexed-repeat to reference the question asking about amount harvested per variety per plot.
One of the current challenges in the third group is referencing using index-repeat for the area harvested, i get an error on the ODK mobile app only saying specify the value you wanted, how do i specify the variety within a plot am collecting data for?. Have noted the Enkot version does show that error , you can only see it on the mobile app.


I have created a tool with a repeated group asking about the crop varieties planted, i then used indexed-repeat function to extract the response and present them in select -one type of question, it works perfectly fine on the Enketo version however, when i deployed the tool am only seeing the questions but not the select-one options. Which formulas can i use to exract responses from a repeated group which is compatible with ODK collect or kobo collect.

Could you share the related part of your form here, please? And maybe a screenshot of Collect and Enketo?

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@ngm15t, could you share a sample of the questions you wish to use? Maybe the community should be able to help you out then. For the communities ease, you could list the questions and their possible choices. But try to be specific and include as few questions as possible so that it’s time-saving for the community to share with you how it can be done. You could then modify it at your end to fit your requirements.

P.S. We would appreciate it if you would make only one post for an issue rather than having three different posts for the same. This would distort the topics and make it difficult to search them when needed. Thank you for your kind understanding!

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Hie @Kal_Lam these are the questions am using.

Q1. Number of plots (integer)
First repeated group - (Q1 determining the number of repeats)
Q2: Plot names (text)
Q3. Is rice planted in each plot (select one)
Q4. If rice is planted what is the hectarage (integer)
Group ended

Q5. How many varieties were planted rice (integer)

Second repeat group (determined by the number of varieties)
Q6. Name 0f varieties planted (text) (determined by Q5)
Q7. Plots that have rice (require a note) (pulled from Q2)
Q8. Area planted variety in the first plot named in Q2 (integer) (this should put plot names (Q2) and variety names (Q6) stated)
Q9. How much was harvested for this variety in this plot (integer)(same as Q8)
Q10. What is the unit of harvest (select one)
End of repeat ended

Third repeat group
Q10. Of the amount harvested (Q9) unit (Q10) how many units (Q10) was used for consumption (integer) …(for the varieties listed in Q6, this question is summing all amounts harvested per variety in all plots it was planted and it should also retrieve the units in Q10)
repeat group ended

@ngm15t, so basically it’s for Q9 & Q10 you are having issues with?

From Q7 the questions are not pulling specific information related to the plots named in Q2, same applies for the thrid repeat group