Can a kobotool box server accept multiple forms in a single server file (project)?

Hi, anyone who can help me please
Can a kobotool box server accept multiple forms in a single server file (project)? We have a research project which needs the collection of continuous data from the same study participants i.e. different data will be collected at different days from the same study participants for the project. We need to know if there is any feature helping us to have multiple forms to be managed under the same project using some unique identifier for each study participants. Thanks in advance

Do you mean you wish to collect and manage a longitudinal survey with KoBoToolbox?

Thanks dear Kal_Lam for the response.
Yes please

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Maybe you could follow this discussion that has happened in our other post (features request):

Thanks. I have checked it. Still it is not clear how to access the already submitted form and to edit them later. What setting or feature do we use to do that?

@kehabtimer, FYI please be informed that this feature is still not available with KoBoToolbox. But it’s in KoBoToolbox’s roadmap.

@Kal_Lam Thanks for informing me. Here is my suggestion if it sounds well. We are going to collect different data (30 variables) at different phases let say at 3 phases. Then, questions 1 to 10 will be collected at phase 1, 11 to 20 at phase 2, and 21 to 30 at phase 3 for all the study participants. We can have a participant unique ID at each phase which helps us to combine the 3 phase data. The 1st question will be then the unique ID followed by ‘which phase of data collection?’. ‘Which phase of data collection?’ will be set as multiple answer question and we will apply the skip logic at each phase of questions; hence the questions will appear based on the selected phase i.e. if we select only phase 1, questions from 1 to 10 only will appear and can be filled and submitted to the server. Subsequently, if there is any feature that retrieves the data when we enter the same unique ID from previously entered data, we can again select phase 2, and questions from 11 to 20 will appear and can be filled and submitted. We can proceed that way to phase 3 too. Does this give sense please?

KoBoToolbox supports a feature called pulldata. Maybe you could have a closer look at our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox to learn and understand more about the same. In addition you could also have a look at a simple workaround shared in the community previously:

Thanks for sharing a highly important idea. But where and how we upload the csv file please.

OK, this support article Adding Various Types of Media should help you learn how to upload your csv file.

Hello @kehabtimer,
Are your phases strictly sequentiell and separated, i.e. everyone working in the first phase. When the first case is closed. the 2nd one starts, etc.?

Additional ideas:

Be careful with the relevant: Non-relevant data are deleted on save. So, you might have a risk, when staff needs to edit submitted data on the server.