Can a pdf be translated to MS Word after printing?

Another quick question, can the pdf be translated to MS Word after printing. It would really be useful when integrating to make a report. This is essentially good for tables. Any suggestions on that too?

Printing in MS Word format directly is not supported through KoBoToolbox at the moment. We already have a feature request (maybe you could VOTE if you wish to see this feature in the near future):

But you could also always use a third party software for the same (which should fulfill your immediate needs).

We tested conversion of forms (pdf to word) with Acrobat Pro, but it doesn’t work well as most elements in the PDF are image like, therefore very limited for editing in Word.

As workaround for the (online) Report, you could copy manually from a KoBo report online, copy/paste text and incl. graphs (save/insert image). Here an example in Word.