Can Geopoint convert to W3W format automatically

Can Kobo geopoint feature convert automatically to what3words format? If yes please give us what to do. Thank you so much.

Welcome to the community, @Iwan! KoBoToolbox, at the moment, is not able to convert GPS location to what3words. You will most probably need to use an external application to do so.

Given “The what3words system uses a proprietary algorithm in combination with a limited database” [ref] it will absolutely require an external application to perform any such conversion. It is not feasible to incorporate proprietary and patented software in an open source toolkit.

However… <WARNING: shameless self-promotion follows :wink:>

…if you wish to convert geopoints to other more popular (and open) GIS formats; eg KML, GeoJSON, WKT - then a number of techniques are available; eg

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Thank you @Kal_Lam for your respond. But can Kobo use information from them regarding convert 3 word addresses to coordinates and vice versa?
Here is their documentation,

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Thank you, @Iwan for the wonderful document. Pinging in @Josh to see if we could take advantage of them to our system. cc: @jnm

Yes, thanks a lot @Xiphware for your info.

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You could either do a custom fork of ODK Collect/KoboCollect that called the what3words API (with your custom API key) to perform the conversion when needed, or if you had a suitable external app installed on your device that performed such conversion, then you might look into invoking it from KobCollect via the Launching External Apps — ODK Docs mechanism; ie feed your app the source coords as parameters and have it return a string with 3 word address But I dont know if any such app already exists…

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Very interesting info @Xiphware , I think this is relevant to their documentation at:

  1. Mobile linking to the what3words app | what3words.
  2. Android | what3words.

Maybe there is opportunity that Kobocollect can take advantage of.
Thank you.

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