Can i add PHP code to trigger action on data that i collect

Can i use PHP code to tigger actions on the data that is collect in my form

Welcome @agewell,
What sort of “actions” fo you want to drigger when?

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so, we track health of older people, so depending on how someone would answer a question, like have you had a fall this week - that would trigger a referral to the care team involve that this older person needs attention

@agewell, maybe you will need to describe your issue a bit more. Maybe try to be as detailed as possible so that community should be able to help you out.

okay, at present we use a drupal dasboard, foldersynce and odk collect apps. we provide a companion service with a health app to visit older people, The system at present uses PHP code to trigger referral/actions that the older person needs support with. This depends on how the answer the health app. So we are looking at moving to KOBO but need the assessment forms to be able to do the same thing . trigger a referral/action depending on how a client answers the questions.

Can anyone help me with this?

Would you mind to share your reason to move from ODK to Kobo, please?

No reason, We are just looking at new option for our service