Can I change the URL (link) of my survey project?

I have designed a single-response online survey in the enketo form, but even though I took measures to identify the same person participating twice, I sometimes see people including the same email address to receive the gift card I am providing to participants.

I would like to change the link access for participants so I will share with new participants and those who already participated cannot get access to the survey from a different device.

How could I change the URL/link or solve this issue?

Many thanks!

Welcome to the community, @denisse_delgado_1! So do the respondents need to enter their email id to register for your survey?

I mean, is the respondents’ email id an identifier that should be unique for your project?

Thanks for the welcoming! The respondents do not need to register their email to do the survey, but at the end of the survey they need to include a way of contact to receive the gift card for their participation. I noticed a couple of participants who introduced the same email and their responses are identical. I suspect it is the same participant submitting their participation more than once. How could I prevent that? At this moment I cloned the project, and archived the previous one. Any thoughts? Thanks.

One option to solve this issue is to create a unique survey link for each participant and to limit each link to a single response. In Enketo, you can do this by setting the “Limit to 1 response per respondent” option in the “Advanced” section of the form settings. This will ensure that each participant can only respond once and will prevent them from accessing the survey again from a different device…

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@denisse_delgado_1, if you have an email id variable in your survey, you could avoid receiving duplicate entries using our dynamic data attachment feature. This post discussed previously should help you solve this issue:

If you wish for an easier option, you could also try providing the respondents a secret code (captured within the survey question), which they must provide when submitting.

But let’s also see if we have a better option for this from our community.

Thank you! This is helpful :slight_smile:

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