Can I find out who submit the form

Dear community,
I want to make an online survey with a large number of respondents, using Enketo Express. This survey is anonymous, there are no questions about the identity of the respondents. Can I find out who submit the form. How is the meta data? thank you

Could you also provide some characteristics of your respondent (like their location, etc.) that you wish to capture through the metadata. Maybe your additional information could help us provide help if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox.

Thank you KaL_Lam for your attention

This is an Employee Opinion Survey, conducted on a company that has many branches with about 10,000 employees. The form link will be distributed via email blast and SMS blast. That is the additional information.

OK, so what are the information that you wish to capture through the metadata? Could you also share some of those.

I want to know who has sent the survey form? Can it be known? for example the respondent’s email (because the form link is sent via email). I have tried to create email meta data, but the email address is not found

If we use the KoboCollect application we can find out the telephone number, etc … from the meta data, but what if we use the Enketo web form?

Sorry, to ask. What about data protection needs? If this suurvey is anonymous officially., you should not do something behind to find out any person.
If you are in EU you will also have to follow strict data protection rules for any personalised data.
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Hi @akoh
There is no way to get personal data that you did not explicitly request respondents to provide their informed consent. As @wroos has indicated, this does not meet ethical requirements regardless of the country. If you need to collect such information, you need to add them onto the form as proper questions so that your respondents can choose to provide or not provide.