Can I find which device submitted which survey if metadata was not collected?

We have a survey conducted in multiple locations, under a single login for the enumerators, Metadata has not been enabled. Is there a way for us to verify which data was submitted by which device, either on the back end or on the devices themselves?

Many thanks for any feedback!

Welcome to the community, @rvdbergh! This should only be possible if you collect your data through the Collect Android App and activate metadata as outlined in this support article Form Settings and Metadata. Apart from this, you will also need to activate your metadata from your android app.

Understood - so even on the device itself there would be no record of the id of the submitted survey?

@rvdbergh, could you kindly elaborate this please?

Sorry - what I meant was: when the enumerators return with their devices, would it be possible to verify on the tablet itself which survey id was uploaded from that tablet?

@rvdbergh, maybe try checking the Sent button?