Can I have a multi-answer question with text answers (for respondent to type)?


I am wondering if I can add a multi-answer question with text answers, as below:

“Please name all the stakeholders you were working on the water management”

  • and have a seperate box for each stakeholder.

I need to have it multi-answer with seperate box, as later we ask in loop several questions about each stakeholder reported by the respondent. (type of relationship and frequency of contact). We do not have a predefined list of stakeholders, it needs to stay open ended.

Is there a way to do it?

I would appreciate your support.

Welcome to the community, @martapiek! Maybe you could place the text question within the repeat group.

Hello @Kal_Lam! Thank you for replying.

Could you please elaborate in what way I could do it?

Q1: Please list all stakeholders you work with

  • text answer 1

  • text answer 2

  • text answer 3

  • and I would like to ask in loop questions for these 3 text answers above. But I cannot do it with TEXT question, as it does not include seperate boxes for each answer…

@martapiek, what I meant here is simply put the text question within the repeat group as outlined in this support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups.

No, I am afraid it won’t capture what I need.

For now, my solution was, for each loop:

  • ask KI to list all organisation, while enumerator writes them down
  • ask enumerator to count the number of organisation and write the number as integer
  • ask relevant questions in loop for each organisation, number of loops based on number entered by enumerator

above repeated for each question.

But if anyone has better solution, kindly let me know.

repeat_loop.xlsx (246.0 KB)
here is a sample, it should solve your issue

Thank you! BUT the main challenge in my question above that I do not have pre-defined answers in multi-answer question!

I want respondent to come up with answers and then ask in loop about each of them - so it will be text question.

I am aware of loops of normal multi-answers questions :slight_smile: Well I think then that solution I described above it’s the only one, though it is really paintful for later data analysis.