Can I select lists of responses from previous text question (say q2) to current question (say q3)?

I want to create a question (say q3) of select_multiple type and want to make a lists of responses from previous question q2, which is lists of name of household members (text type and repeating to include number of household members q1).

Thank you for your support.

@misganuendrias, if I understood you correctly you wish to make select multiple choices from the text choices of a previously entered repeat group as outlined in the post discussed previously?

Thanks for your help!
My question is select_multiple type. I’ve reviewed similar post but app closes when I test and reach to the question, and on web version, it brings only one list ignoring the rest (also replied at previous post).
Thanks again!

@misganuendrias, yes this is only possible with the Collect android app at the moment.

Sorry, am using KoboCollect and getting the error.

@misganuendrias, momentarily it only works with select_one {question}.