Can I share a form with KoBoCollect users who don't have a Kobo account?

I have created a form in for a data collection effort involving 10 enumerators… Does every enumerator have to have an account with Kobo to be able to access the form in KoBoCollect? Or is there another way by which the enumerators can retrieve the deployed blank form in KoBoCollect on their Android handsets without providing login credentials under general settings? If possible, I would like to skip the need to have to register everyone separately.
Thank you for your help!

Hi @cgros,

Welcome to the community! It depends upon the admin on how he/she wishes to share his/her survey form with the enumerators.

If you wish to maintain a high level security, i would say yes i.e. the enumerators should create a user account in the same server that you created the form and you could share your project with each and every enumerators who shall be engaged in collecting data.

The other option is where you create a secondary account i.e. data collection account and share your survey project with the secondary account and configure the enumerators KoBoCollect android app.

For more, please feel free to have a look at our support article Managing Permissions.

Have a great day!

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Perfect, thank you @Kal_Lam, I had not considered the secondary account option, this solves it for me. Thanks!

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