Can i share a survey project from my OCHA server to a user who is in an HHI server?

I have a form deployed in an Organization user ID ( - which I wish to share with Individual users for different permission levels (which is logged in using: Is that possible to share some way?

No this is not allowed. You could only share projects within the OCHA server or the HHI server. Sharing permission from OCHA to HHI or vice versa is not allowed/ supported.

So for every user, I need to create a ‘new’ ID? Is that the only way? Is there any simpler method of allowing multiple users - without trying to distinctly create new users?

P.S.: I am aware of URL sharing, however that’s not very useful if I have to set permissions.

@jeevanshiksha, if you are using one of the servers hosted by KoBoToolbox, you will need to create the users manually. However, if you are using a self-hosted server, you could create the user in bulk as discussed in our different post (that has happened previously):