Can not enter a date on KoBoCollect


Each time I am trying to enter a date on my form I have the following message " XpPath evaluation : type mismatch converting to date"

How can I fix it? Thanks

Hi @dimbs,

Welcome to the community! Could you kindly provide us with some additional information so that it would help us identify what would have been the reason behind the problem:

  • What are you using to collect the date (i.e. KoBoCollect or Enketo)?
  • Could you check your current date and time? Are they OK?
  • Could you share with us the screenshot of the error message that you are seeing?
  • Could you share with us the xlsform so that we could try it at our end?

Thanks for your answer!

I think it was due to my constraint, once I deleted (it was an emergency) it worked well!
Please find attached the XLSform I used . excel exemple.xlsx (9.1 KB)

I am using KoBoCollect and the error message I saw is “” XpPath evaluation : type mismatch converting to date"

Or is there a specific format for date that we should use for KoboToolBox?

Hi @dimbs,

Confirmed that the error was due to the constraint used in the xlsform. Please follow the steps as shown in the image below:

For reference, please see the attached xlsform:
Date Constraint.xlsx (10.3 KB)