Can not Get Blank form _ Code 502

Hello everyone,
There is an issue with the Kobo application when we try to obtain a Get Blank form. This message appears at the bottom:

Please note that after multiple attempts, we are able to access the form.

Welcome back to the community, @iyd! Is this an issue with only a single device or is it an issue with multiple devices?

multiple devices

@iyd, could you share a screenshot of the Settings>Server? I would like to see the configuration you have made in the app. Please also let us know the Collect App and the version you are using. These details should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Thaks alot @Kal_Lam
This is screenshot

@iyd, you will need to configure your app as outlined in the support article:

Your method of configuring an app will only be able to get the blank form from the account if the user name is the admin for the project. However, the configuration cannot get the blank form for a shared project.