Can we add columns to this field "toggle fullscreen"

Can we add columns to this field “toggle fullscreen” ?
The column I added will not appear in the form, it will only appear in the data field.
Is this possible?

Sorry could not understand your issue. Could you kindly explain them again (if possible with a screenshot so what we could understand and respond)?

Can we add columns to this area?

Could you kindly let us know on why would you like to add column here?

because I want to explain some information, but I don’t want it to be seen on the form.

Well if this is your requirement, you could follow the instructions outlined in our previous post which should solve your issue:

I want to see that area from the database. but it should not be visible on the the same time I should be able to edit this area through google form e-table

Have you gone through the workaround? Kindly please be informed that the request you have made is not possible directly with KoBoToolbox. You will hence have to do it indirectly as outlined in the post discussed previously.

thanks a lot . I did. Is it possible to edit this disabled area on kobo or will I edit it via the xlsform?

I need to make edit in disabled areas.Is this possible

Well, if you need to make edits possible, you will need to make changes in your xlsform by removing the disabled-TRUE under the disabled column and then redeploy it again. You could always do this at the end when your data collection is over so that you could have an extra variable where you could add some comments to it.