Can we edit sent data in kobo collect app

Hello Kobo team and community. I hope you are doing well and having good health

I am designing a app for data collection from the field so i want to edit summited data after sent because which data being collected by him have different stages so if one stage complete we submitted data on the server and the time of second stage we edit the same form and again fill the data in the sent form so i want to know how it is possible.

@sachin_1234, do you mean you collect a data from say household A in round 1. After a certain time you wish to update and see the changes in the households and then again collect data. Now you would one again like to compare the data and then update the data from household A in round 2. Is this what you are planning?

Sir our planning is that the data collector can edit the sent form. so please help me how we can do it

@sachin_1234, please be informed that users could always edit the submissions from the server as outlined in our support article Editing or Deleting a Single Submission and Editing Responses in Multiple Submissions. However, if you are planning to edit a submission in your Collect android app that has already been submitted to the server it’s impossible.