Can we make duplicate group like questions

Dear all,

Can we make duplicate group like questions while design form in the KoBo?. We can make duplicate questions or copy by single click but i just want to know that can we make duplicate group including questions in the group in a single click?

Do you mean you wish to create a clone for a group of questions?

@ Kal_lam, Yes, i want a duplicate/copy/clone a group of questions.

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@plan, this feature is not available with KoBoToolbox at the moment, but you could create a features improvement request here.

As a workaround you could do the same by following the steps outlined below:

  • Download your survey project as an xlsform
  • Make edits in your xlsform (i.e., add the groups and then rename as needed)
  • Replace the xlsform with the one that is in your account
  • Redeploy

@plan this video can be of help

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