Can we use Dynamic Data Attachments to load select_one or select_multiple from another project

Is it possible to load choice list values from another projects data using Dynamic Data Attachements.
i could able to load to text field.
instance(‘surveyform123’)/root/data[_1_dst_name = current()/…/stname1]/family/_11_fa_name

If not possible , how can i we do it from external csv file

@Lakshmikanthlr, do you mean you wish to link a text question from another project as a select_one or a select_multiple question type?

i want load repeat group field data from another project to select_one.
For example: i have collected family members details in parent projects.
Now i need to list that family members in a select_one field in child project.

For the time being i am using select_one_from_file.

So if i understood you correctly, it seems like you wish to link the information from a repeat group using the dynamic data attachment feature?

yes exactly

@Lakshmikanthlr, please be informed that KoboToolbox at the moment does not support linking data from a repeat group through the dynamic data attachment.