Can we use kobo collect in flutter mobile app?

I couldnt find any implementation of kobo collects in flutter. Does it have any process to start in flutter ?? Or we should use web forms in flutter too??

Welcome to the community, @susantimilsina! Pinging @Xiphware, who should provide you with a better response on this.

@Kal_Lam I havent got any reply from @Xiphware. Apart from using web forms what are other possibility we can use kobo collect app in flutter app??

Thank you @SherryShaw, i want to get the datas that are submitted in the forms and want to make it use in offline mode to, have you got any ideas on that??

As noted elsewhere (on slack channel):

“There’s no SDK for Dart/Flutter for integrating with ODK. If you want to build an app that communicates with ODK servers (like Central, Kobo etc) the Open Rosa standard documents an HTTP API:”

Basically, ODK Collect mobile app (which KoboCollect is just a custom fork of) is a native mostly-Java Android app. There’s also a native iOS mobile client in the works (watch this space…) but AFAIK nobody has written a Flutter ODK-compatible XForms client yet.
As noted above, if you want to perform data collect on a mobile device with a Flutter app, and push the data up into the ODK Central or KoboToolbox backends, your best bet is probably to write a flutter wrapper around the existing Enketo web forms XForms web client. Enketo can operate offline BTW.

Or else write a new Flutter XForms client that can talk to these backends via the requisite Openrosa API standard.


[Sorry for the delay in responding. A bunch of ODKers - myself included - have been preoccupied with the ODK Summit in London this past week. Things will hopefully return somewhat back to normal soon…]

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