Cannot create new user (500)

I get 500 when creating new user in KoboToolbox. The error is just plain Http 500. Console log chrome) says:
POST https://<koboforms_url>/accounts/register/ 500 (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR)

And that would be generally all. It’s docker installation, but unfortunately none on the containers give the error in logs. However, I managed to add user through Django administration panel.
Could you please tell what might go wrong? Or at least where can I start looking for some clues? It’s already 8 containers running there, but none reporting 500 to default output.


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It seems you forgot to specify your SMTP settings.

You can add users through the admin platform though. (https://<koboforms_url>/admin)

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You are right. File /envfiles/smtp.txt was missing data. I filled in SMTP details, rebuilt images and it worked. Thank You!

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