Cannot export and download my data collection result


I cannot export my data and download it. I tried CSV and XLS but it always says “Processing” for a very long time, then eventually “failed”. I have only 296 responds with 384 questions in that survey.
I hope someone can help me soon.

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @farizazahrak! Thank you for bringing this issue to the community! We shall investigate it and update it when resolved.

BTW, could you also let us know if you are in the non-humanitarian server?

Hello Dear Team.
I am in teh non-humanitarian server. We have the same problem after update in yesterday night.
Also bufore the update some time we had the same problem temporary.
Thank you for your effort.

Yes, I am in teh non-humanitarian server.

Yesterday, I got a notification that Kobotoolbox will do an update for all server, and I guess it caused these problems. Is my problem also be caused by this update?

Dear team,

I am facing this kind of error too, I couldn’t download, “Processing…”

Hope, I can get it back soon.

Best, Kiry

@farizazahrak, @ozmoboz, @kirykobohelp, this issue has now been resolved.

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Thank so much!