Cannot generate form preview - error u’jj3nr82’

I cannot generate a form preview, I get an error message of - u’jj3nr82’

I cannot find out what this means and I have spent hours looking through the form to find the error, I also can’t share it until the error is found so no one else can look for it. Anyone know what the error is that I need to find?

Hi @katiejw0,

Welcome to the community! I checked the preview forms on both the instances viz. the non-humanitarian ( as well as the humanitarian ( and confirm that there is no system error with the preview.

It’s possible that you may have syntax errors in your survey form which is hindering you with the preview. Please try fixing your syntax errors from the survey form (using the following link) or please feel free to share the xlsform with the community so that someone would support you fixing the same to overcome the problem.

Sorted thanks!

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