Cannot load form message

cannot load this form. It says annotload this form. Once it showed error 502 Bad Gateway.

Is it possible that the form is too heavy or the server to busy?..

Welcome back to the community, @suranjana! Have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator to see if your XLSForm has any syntax issues in it?

Hello, I did validate this questionnaire but right after posting the initial query.

It came out with an enourmous number of errors but I do not understand what exactly the mistake it in order to correct it. How can I share the report? I have made a PDF of the webpage. Sending here the texts copied from the report

  1. the summary at the top :
    Error: ODK Validate Errors:
    >> XForm is invalid. See above for the errors.
    : Invalid XPath in value set action declaration: ‘SCFS is not feeder mode i.e. F G = 0’
  • Problem found at nodeset: ${model}[@xforms-version=1.0.0]/setvalue*
  • With element *

The following files failed validation:

Result: Invalid

  1. Most errors are this - “[row : 3643] Group has no label: {‘name’: ‘group_wm0ol68_row_2’, ‘type’: ‘begin_group’}”

  2. The first 10 or so errors are this - On the choices sheet there is a option with no label. [list_name : rq1ve91]

Night before last, while I was writing the message, the preview opened, twice. I do not kow how and why. But next morning it did not.

I have suspiscion that the network is not strong enough for the huge questionnaire. It has happened before but then it got sorted on its own.

@suranjana, have you also used some variable name (question name) as model in your XLSForm? If yes, could you change that name with some other name please?

I do not realise what you mean. However, I am writing the quuestionnaire directly on the website and the xls form is generated from it. the word “model” is not anywhere.