Cannot open form on Android phones

The link to the form : Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

This form opens properly on a laptop, but not on a mobile phone. It was opening on the phone very well till yesterday. The error message we get is:

SyntaxError: Failed to execute ‘querySelectorAll’ on ‘Element’: ‘:is(.question input[data-type-xml=“geopoint”], .question input[data-type-xml=“geotrace”], .question input[data-type-xml=“geoshape”]):not([data-setvalue], [data-setgeopoint])’ is not a valid selector.

The form captures the GPS location of the surveyor. The error seems to be in that part. (If I click OK after the error message, it opens the form, but doesn’t properly show the interface to capture the location.) Hope this helps.

Kindly look into the matter urgently. Our survey has already started and we must complete it while the survey team is available.

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  • Harshad.

Welcome to the community, @Harshad! I tried opening your survey form in both Chrome and Edge, and I could do it successfully. FYR:

You will need to use modern (updated to its latest version) browsers like Chrome , Edge , Firefox . These browsers should help you overcome this error message.

I am also able to open it on my laptop, as said in the post.
The problem shows when I try to open it on a phone.

I tried opening another form that uses GPS, also on phone. Same issue there too.

As said in the first post, I am also able to open it on my laptop, in a browser.
The problem shows when I try to open the form on Android phones. (Haven’t tried iPhones, but our surveyors use only Android phones.)

I tried opening another form that uses GPS, on phone. Shows the same error. Even that form was working very well just a week ago.

@Harshad here is also a reference of where I was able to load your form successfully on my device (Samsung S10+ with android 11 OS) with the Chrome browser:

You may need to uninstall and reinstall the existing browser if you still have issues. Doing so will update the browser to its latest version.

I updated my browser and it worked. Thanks!

It seems something changed at Kobo end too, since the form was working with our surveyors till yesterday. But yeah, I will ask them to update their browsers as well.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

  • Harshad.
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