Cannot see the submissions

Hello, i’ m trying to use the KoboToolBox (instead of ODK Aggregate) last days to support a survey.

I have upload from ODK Client (Mobile App) the submissions and everything was OK.
But after few days i have realize that i cannot see the old submissions any more…
I can see in the first screen (Deployed Forms) the number of submissions (455 records) but when i enter into the form and click on Table data, returns me nothing. If i send another submission all works fine…

Any ideas ??


Hi @ppapadatosgr,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind ensuring the following so that we could have some insights over your issue:

  • Ensure that your KoBoCollect android app is configured properly as outlined here.
  • Ensure that your KoBoToolbox account in an admin account and is not a shared account for data entry as outlined here.
  • Ensure that you have not been shared a project with a row level permission as outlined here.
  • Ensure that your survey project has not been cloned and redeployed.

Would appreciate to have other detailed information so that we are able to further explore the issue.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,

thank you very much for your answer.

  1. Android App is OK
  2. My Account is OK (i am the admin)
  3. Regarding row level permission - i’ m not really sure that i can do that… In my project in share tab i cannot find anything regarding row level. Only View Submissions and not View Submission from specific Users … (did i do something wrong??)
  4. Perhaps i have clone the project and redeploy it … - So i think that it was my mistake…
    One question … Every time i make a minor change to a form and redeploy the old data are disappeared ??

Thanks in advance

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Hi @ppapadatosgr,

So it should be that you cloned your project and re-deployed it as a different survey project. Try having a look at the data from other projects. It should be there.

Have a great day!

Thanks again…

Do you have any idea why in project sharing screen i can. only see View Submissions and not View Submission from specific Users … (did i do something wrong??)


Hi @ppapadatosgr,

Follow the instructions outlined in the support article (shared above) and you should be able to configure your survey project with View Submission from Specific Users.

Have a great day!

Sorry to bother you but i follow the instructions but nothing like that appeared…

I login as admin check at Account Settings the checkBox “Require authentication to see forms and submit data”…
After that i went to a project at Share Project but i have only the Following options to select
View Form, Edit Form, View Submissions, Add Submissions, Edit Submission, Validate Submissions and nothing else to continue…

Old version ??? (how can i find which version i have installed ??)
Something else to change, or implement?


Hi @ppapadatosgr,

Please be informed that you are able to share your project with other users if and only if the other user have KoBoToolbox user account in the same server where you created. FYI there are 2 different servers the KoBoToolbox uses viz. OCHA server and the HHI server. Being more specific, you are unable to share your project if you have an account in OCHA server and try to share a project with a user who has an account in HHI server (or vise versa).

Have a great day!

I’m testing it in my own server (installed with docker)…

The problem is that i cannot see the screen that you describe with View Submission from Specific Users .

I do not think that is a multiple server problem…


Hi @ppapadatosgr

The issue you have here is using a function for what it was not intended to. You cannot use the project settings you are referencing to define which submissions you want to view but you use it to share the project to other users to perform the specific functions bleow

These functions are what you will be according the user and not yourself since you are already the owner and you can do all the functions.

I believe @Kal_Lam has responded to all the other previous queries you had which are further documented as follows

Your Query No. 1

Solution to Query 1

Your Query No. 2

Solution to Query No. 2
Confirm that the project you are looking at has 455 records and you cannot see? If so:

  1. Send us a screenshot of what you see? (Do not share personal information)
  2. Try downloading your data for the project and see if the data exists in it.



yes @Kal_Lam  answered to my questions and i am OK. I know that the problem was the clone and redeploy the project .. So it is OK for now.. 

But based on his answer and trying to find the solution … i saw the feature of Row Level Security … But I cannot find this form … in my installation
I see only the following…


Perhaps is more accurate to close the initial issue and open a new one … but i will appreciate if you have a short answer for this also …

Thanks in advance

Kindly raise another issue of row level security so that we address it from that :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed:

OK thank you for your time…