Can't able to setup kobocollect server configuration on android devices mobile/tablet

Hello, I’m trying to setup server configuration of Kob collect app , my kobo account is on EU server , on the kobo collect setting tried both and , and provided my username hum_data and my account password
when I am clicking on start new form , no form will appear and I have the form on the account but not showing in the app. tried different android devices and shared the project with other kobo accounts but the issue still the same. please provide the reason .
Note: after updating the kobocollect to the latest version v2023.2.4 this problem occured

Welcome to the community, @Hum_data! So the first step is to configure your app properly as outlined in this support article:

If you have configured your app but are still getting issues in downloading your blank forms, try to go through this post discussed previously:

Ensuring these 2 steps should help you solve your issue!